At Saratoga Fishing and Hunting Adventures we take extra care to ensure you will have a memorable trip with is. Here are some comments from satisfied customers.


I’ve been hunting with dogs for over 25 years and I have never experienced anything that comes close to catching big boar and big boar in quick succession. My Cape York experience with Al Rogers is a highlight of my hunting career. Al knows the country, nows the animals and knows how to catch big tusky boar.

Simon O’Shea
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Hi Al
Just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing trip. That was the best hunting and fishing I have ever experienced!! I haven’t stopped bragging since and all my mate’s jaws drop when they see 33 1/4 douglas point tusks on my trophy wall. Can’t wait for next year’s trip. See you then.

Nathan Mills
Contact details available on request.